Lion’s Tooth Productions

Lion’s Tooth Productions is committed to providing cause-driven entertainment.

Our mission is to raise awareness and give aid to worthy causes, charities, nonprofits, ideals and people.  We have a broad mission statement because we never want to limit who we can help.

Through unique and conscious productions: incorporating music, art and various types of media, we make it easy for people to get involved and make a difference.  By seeing a production involving some of the most incredibly talented people around, they are automatically donating to a worthy cause.

We pledge to donate 50% of all profits after cost to the cause that we are currently supporting.

To date we have already donated to the following organizations/causes:  Toys for Tots, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Capital Area Food Bank, Texas Wildfire Relief Fund, SafePlace, and two individuals currently battling cancer.

We work with our sister start-up,  The Infinite Family Foundation, a 501c3 certified nonprofit.   I.F.F.’s intentionally broad mission is to keep the world’s nonprofits and charities alive and thriving.   When someone comes to us and says, ‘we need help,’ we can/do and, will: say ‘yes,’ without hesitation.