Thank you to everyone involved with HeARTS!  It was absolutely beautiful and you all (as performers, painters, visionaries, artists and audience members) have our eternal gratitude.  Without you, we would be a dream.  With you, we are a manifestation…..

Stay tuned for HeARTS Aware II: The HeART Beats Back, coming May 2013!


All the musical performers: Saturday: Govinda, Janover, ReSunator, Rena Jones, Happy Happy James, Omar Chow, Metranohm, Somatoast, DJ PWR, Bonus Junk, Ram-Z, Mugsy and MICHAEL GARFIELD, DeadEye, Dimitri’s Ascent, Ashes of Babylon, Wino Vino, Holding Space, The Hairfarmers, Funk-o-tron, PEQ, Jamiroqueen, Sheer Khan and Space Case, Loose Leaf, Waterfly, Michael Garfield, The Om Brothers, Appalachian Dinosaur Exhibit

THE INFINITELY INSPIRING ARTISTS: Chaeli Cardenas, Kimmy Creation, Molly Gardner, Michael Garfield, Erin Guthrie, Miranda Lewis, Sarah Mathis, Tyler Ristow, Chance Roberts, Randi Southard, Tourmaline Todd,

SPECIAL THANKS TO ARTHEISM: Topher Sipes and Sam Beasley

Thanks to the beautiful: Ciara Blossom

Sound: Jesse Hatcher and Resonance Sound (Amazing, amazing, amazing sound)

Lighting: Gina Mendez from Midnight Lighting, who is a beautiful person and an extremely talented LD.

.Special thanks to:  The Amala Foundation, The Resonance Project, The Roberts Family: Nolan and Tarrol and Chance Roberts, Sushanta Atmabliss, Nathan Clark, Austen Bailey and Re: Evolution Media, The Paper Bear, Whole Earth, Mana Culture, Vagabond, Bada Bling, Hemptown Rock, Whomp, Ozone Bike Dept, Antone’s Record Shop, Cystal Works,  Amanda and the whole do512 crew, Austin 360, KTSW,

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